Vick Has Blown Through $30 Million Since His Release

Ever wonder how in the hell anyone of these athletes can be broke??  Many of  us go through our daily lives paying our bills, scraping to get by and somehow we manage.  Then we see these high profile athletes claiming bankruptcy and we’re like how in the hell?!?  Well Mike Vick is a prime example of how it happens.  Lets take the $30 mill he’s made and gone through since his release.

– $10.9 went to taxes

– $9.2 mil went to creditors

– $2.7 went to lawyers and accountants

– The rest is for various things, including child support and living expenses.

This leaves him about $1.5 Million to live off of until his pay day comes in next year.  ($35 mill guaranteed) Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is far from broke, especially for a guy who’s supposedly “bankrupt” …gotta love America.  So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, this is a lesson here to all the rookies on the come up.  1.  Stay out of JAIL!  2.  Wrap up.  3.  Ditch the posse.  4.  Live your life like this isnt gonna last forever (especially football players).  And finally you only need one Bentley.  Take some advice from Shaq, he didn’t spend one penny of his NBA paychecks.  Yep that’s right he banked it all and lived off his endorsements.  Now I’m sure his endorsements were pretty good compared to the rest, but at least he had a plan.  He’s done and gone from the NBA and still living very large (pun).



  1. fred johnson says:

    he must be buying the premium dog food this time


  2. I still think he should be picking up dog crap for a living. Whats this saying to our kids who look up to these thugs as heros?


    • zahara mendoza says:

      big ben of the steelers got away with rape what should he be picking up? mike did his time leave him alone. it was dogs for crying out loud!


    • D. Salter says:

      Thug why? Why aren’t kids looking up to their parents! Something is wrong with this picture far deeper than Mike Vick finances!


  3. And whose business is this ??????????


  4. marty gaskin sr says:

    hey mike…throw some money my way….i want outta debt………


  5. Shaq has a good head on his shoulders, all part of his upbringing.


  6. poor little coon will only have 35M to live off of before taxes. what’s wrong with a GM product , typical nig.


  7. Wow! A loser lost all of his money. We must have done something wrong as a society to cause poor Mr. Vicks to be so unfortunate in his financial affairs! NO! Actually, he’s an over pampered sports idiot who should be in jail or at least permanently banned from any professional sports – period. Does the word, “Enabled” mean anything to anyone? Yet some fat, bald headed sports franchise owner thinks hiring convinced gangsta felons is a good idea. Pfft!


    • Congress2012 says:

      @WhoCares–I am in complete agreement with your comment. In my opinion, Vick has been well rewarded inspite of his heinous crimes against doggies. They should have thrown the key away! But there were and are millions of dollars to be made off of Vick, and by Vick. So here we are. Sickening!


  8. The part about Shaq is the best part. This is why i believe there should be zero salary for pro athletes. Let them go out and get corporate sponsors. This will force them to keep a lean image and out of jail, and will also bring ticket prices down. Go Shaq!


  9. zahara mendoza says:

    get out that man business, you cant spend his money for him so stop hating


  10. D. Salter says:

    It is amazing to think you make a living on someone elses business, the most reckless athlete of all time was Babe Ruth, there are other fast money athletes other than African Americans…what is Jermey Lin doing with his fast Bucks? What does Shaq have to do with Mike Vick? I know you are just following a story, however; diversity is important to reach all!


  11. vick is to be applauded for paying off all of his debts and taking care of his responsibilities. good job mike. i hope you make millions more and quiet the tongues of your haters.


  12. I like the picture of Vick being chased by the dog.


  13. Michael Vick literally makes me sick. For someone to do what he did to those dogs and STILL be allowed to play football is just appalling.


  14. My thing is fuck it let that man spend his money the way he wants to, and as far as the racist remarks, i’d rather know who is racist than to find out later on this motherfuccer smiling in my face and the same motherfuccer stabbing me in the back. Let it be known that your racist and not just sitting behind the internet talking shit. Scary lil bytch.


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